10 Twitter Mistakes To Avoid!

Here are 10 mistakes to avoid making on Twitter!

1. Not using images!

Image increase your tweet's visibility. They have been shown to increase engagement too. Use an image that catches you audience's attention and that enhances your message!

2. Only adding others with similar backgrounds and interests!

You never know what you might learn by connecting with others who have different perspectives, backgrounds and interests than you. The intersection between your work/purpose, and theirs, might inspire some of your best work!

3. Over automating!

Behind every Twitter handle, there's a human. Therefore automating messages around-the-clock comes across spam, especially if the message lacks value. It's preferable to determine when your audience is active online and concentrate your efforts then.

4. Waiting to be followed!

Just because you have great content, it doesn't mean people will follow you. You have to be proactive. You have to be willing to initiate conversations, follow others and retweet them, in order to spark conversations and build relationships.

5. Not tracking your analytics!

Even small accounts should be keeping an eye on their analytics.

Analytics are a great way to determine who your audience is and what they are respond well to. It can help you figure out how your brand is performing and it can help you find areas for improvement.

6. Being shy!

Influencers and experts are human too. Don't be afraid to reach out. Ask questions, share their content, offer a compliment. They will take note of this and often engage back. It's a great way to build relationships and find mentors.

7. Having a subpar bio!

Keep your Twitter bio clear and concise. It should communicate your value and should at the same time help differentiate you from others. Make sure you avoid using jargon or colloquialisms that others might not understand. This will ensure it's approachable. Also, use every section to your advantage. Don't forget to add a link and share a location.

8. Not using the right photos!

Make sure you pick the right images for your profile and your cover photo. Personal brands should opt for a headshot as their profile image. It can build trust and transparency. Corporate brands can use their logo. Cover photos, meanwhile, are great place to showcase your work.

9. Not taking advantage of all of Twitter's features!

Twitter has a lot of great built-in tools. Make sure you are taking advantage of them. Twitter lists can help you segment your feed. Polls can help you gather audience insight. Twitter moments can help you highlight your content. Twitter Analytics can help track your efforts and Twitter Advanced Search can help you search the entire platform for content based on keywords, locations, accounts, etc.

10. Refusing to unplug!

Twitter is a great community and it can be a lot of fun, but you shouldn't let it take over your life. As your community starts to grow, you might find yourself thinking it's your job to be there, to check your notifications and to respond to everyone promptly. However, remember, you are human. Please take time to unplug and recharge.

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