Why Is Branding Important?

Branding is the process of defining, designing and differentiating an individual, business, product or service.

This process, through the use of strategy and design, aims to attribute value to these entities, by creating a cohesive image of what each represents, in the minds of consumers.

These images forge a series of expectations, emotions and relationships, between the brand and the public, often generating trust and influencing purchasing decisions.


Branding is like a transverse beam. It is foundational and it is at core of every process, decision and action taken by an organization or individual.


There are three core components to the branding process: strategy, design and marketing.

Strategy helps brands define their:

-Unique value proposition

-Brand promise








-Brand values

Design then helps bring these elements to life. This portion of the process includes the creation of the brand’s visual identity.



-Color palettes




-Business Cards

-Presentation templates


-A brand style guide

Lastly, branding and marketing come together to develop strategies that will help the brand successfully promote their unique value and their efforts to their target audience.

The overall goal is to build brand equity.


The benefits of branding include:

-Differentiation in a competitive market

-An increase in visibility and reach

-An increased in credibility and trust

-An increase in brand loyalty and repeat interactions

-An improvement in reputation and image

-The development of thought leadership and expertise

-An increase in brand recognition

-Stronger, deep-rooted relationships with target community

-An increase in interest and leads

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