What Is A Brand Purpose?



Having a well-defined brand purpose is the key to business longevity, consumer loyalty and overall success.




What is a brand's purpose?


A brand's purpose is their raison d'être.

It is the reason it exists. 


Beyond what it provides for monetary gain -products, services, experiences- what does a brand wish to solve and support?


Brand purposes tie brands to initiatives and causes that extend beyond their business. All in an effort to unite them and their audiences under a shared a goal.




A brand purpose is the heartbeat of a brand. 

It injects life, drive and passion into those who a part of it.


It communicates a brand's commitment to the betterment of society and it serves to strengthen their:










and more.





Today's consumers prefer to buy from purpose-driven driven brands.


They consciously make an effort to support a brand whose values and beliefs align with their own. They don't just want to purchase a product, they want join a community and help advance the efforts of that group.





Defining a Personal Brand’s Purpose:


From sustainability to equality to educational reform, corporate brands

have managed to successfully align themselves with larger causes. Their efforts to support them have managed to spark interest and empower consumers to take a stand alongside them. 


How can personal brands, who often operate on a smaller scale, do the same? How can they successfully define their brand purpose?


Here are 3 main steps:



1. Discover where your passion and your audience’s passion intersect.


2. Understand your unique value and contextualize it. What larger external goals, needs and interests does it align with? How can who I am or what I do help serve these issues?


3. Ask yourself, what is the impact I wish to create? What do I want my legacy to be?




Benefits of a Strong Brand Purpose


Your brand purpose can serve as a point of differentiation. It can also help unify, empower and inspire your community both internally and externally.


Additionally, having a strong brand purpose usually results in deeper rooted relationships with your audience. By understanding why you do what you do, audiences are more compelled to want to get involved.


Your brand purpose creates a sense community around those that understand it and support it. This results in a sense of belonging and pride, two elements that help increase brand loyalty, engagement, reach, leads and more.


Lastly, your brand purpose can help ensure your decisions, actions, plans and efforts are aligned. It provides a sense of direction, helping you stay consistent and remain impactful.



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