Will 280 Characters Kill Twitter?




Is having an extra 140 characters to tweet really all that bad?





Here are my initial thoughts:



Twitter’s unique selling proposition is rooted in two things: immediacy and conciseness.



Given that we live in a world that is hyper-connected and that consumes content on-the-go, those two things are important than ever.

Twitter's ability to offer both, is what differentiates it from its competitors


The character limit facilitates this and therefore, in my opinion, is essential to it's success.






Currently the social media landscape is filled with networks that offer similar services and experiences. However, none, other than Twitter, offer the ability to spark conversations in-the-moment, as news and events unfold.




Increasing the character limit has the potential to transform the platform from a place of dialogue where users talk with each other to a place of lecture, where users talk to each other.



There’s a big difference.





However, doubling the character limit isn’t the issue at hand.

Changing the user experience is.



Will it change how we tweet?

Will it change how we interact with platform?



Only time will tell.




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