13 Twitter Tools You Should Try!



Navigating the tides of Twitter can be difficult!


Whether you are new to the platform, have already made your mark, or fall somewhere in-between, we can all use a little assistance.


In my opinion, it's imperative that all brands, personal and corporate, set long-term goals and short-term objectives, for each social media platform they use. Meeting these milestones will require strategy, commitment, and consistency. However, that's easier said than done.


There's a learning curve when it comes to being on Twitter.


Periods of growth and stagnation are bound to occur.


They are both inevitable and welcomed, as they shed light on areas for improvement and opportunities for further success. 


That being said, while there is no real formula for overnight success, there are some tools that can help you make the most of your time on Twitter.


Here are a few favorites of mine & my clients:



1.    Buffer


Buffer is an incredible social media management platform!


Buffer allows you to:




👉🏽track your posts


for a variety of social media platforms, not just Twitter!


Options include:










👉🏽 The Buffer extension allows you to add an article to queue without having to return to the platform

👉🏽They have INCREDIBLE customer service

👉🏽You can schedule video & photos along with your tweets

👉🏽You can use analytics to discover the best times to post

👉🏽The platform itself is VERY intuitive




2.    Pablo By Buffer


Pablo is a tool that allows you to make images for Twitter (or other social media sites) quickly and easily!


You have the option to choose:


👉🏽A background image (over 600k to choose from)

👉🏽The font

👉🏽The size of your image

👉🏽The location of the text

👉🏽A logo or a graphic to add to your image


It's design made easy!


Furthermore, you can choose to either directly share your image to your social media platform if choice or you can download it.



3.    Hootsuite


Hootsuite is another great option when it comes to social media management.


It allows you to aggregate all of your social profiles on one dashboard. In fact, Hootsuite supports 35 different social media platforms, including Twitter.


What does the platform allow you to do?


👉🏽schedule content (via web or mobile)

👉🏽view content at a glance (daily, weekly or monthly)

👉🏽use the Hootlet extension to schedule content without having to return to the platform

👉🏽Organize content in a library for future use

👉🏽Organize different social streams, so you can monitor conversations

👉🏽Search and organize social streams via hashtag, location, keyword

👉🏽Create and manage teams that have access to your dashboard

👉🏽Set up tasks for each team member

👉🏽Gather analytics on key metrics

👉🏽Create detailed build reports that can be downloaded

👉🏽Track your team's efficiency

👉🏽Add apps and extensions for additional support


It's incredibly thorough!



4.    TweetDeck


TweetDeck is a must if you ever decide to join a Twitter chat!


Their dashboard allows you to set up different columns with different feeds running at once.


You can set up columns for:


👉🏽a hashtag

👉🏽a user

👉🏽a Twitter list

👉🏽your notifications

👉🏽a Twitter search

👉🏽your likes

👉🏽your mentions

👉🏽your messages

👉🏽your followers

👉🏽what's trending


You can schedule via TweetDeck!





If you join a Twitter chat, set up one column for the host and one column the chat's hashtag. That way you can keep up with of both simultaneously.



5.    BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is great for content curation.


You can search for subject and it comes up with a list of content that is currently being shared about that topic. It even tells you which is receiving the most engagement! It gives you insight on how many times it's been shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.


Additionally, you can filter these results for the type of content you are looking for. For example, you can choose to only see infographics, videos, articles and so on.


These information allow you to find:


👉🏽influencers sharing similar content

👉🏽content that you can curate

👉🏽information on audience and industry interests


Additionally, BuzzSumo lets you:


👉🏽export data

👉🏽set up alerts for keywords

👉🏽analyze and compare your competitors



6.    Twitter Analytics


Twitter Analytics is a built-in tool that allows you to track your Twitter performance!


It gives you insight on a monthly basis and it tracks your:



👉🏽tweet impressions

👉🏽profile visits



👉🏽top tweets

👉🏽top media tweets

👉🏽top mentions


Also, at the end of the month, it gives you a monthly summary.


Oh, and it's free!



7.    Twitter Advanced Search


 Another free built-in tool is Twitter's Advanced Search option.


It lets you search the entire platform for:


👉🏽key words



👉🏽content in a specific language

👉🏽content that has been tweeted from account (including your own)

👉🏽content that has been tweeted to an account

👉🏽tweets mentioning an account

👉🏽tweets being shared from a particular location

👉🏽tweets shared during a particular day or timeframe




It's a lifesaver if you are trying to remember who tweeted you something or if you want to follow up on a conversation from a while ago!



8.    Sprout Social


Sprout Social is another fantastic social media management platform.


It supports Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.


It allows you to:


👉🏽schedule and plan content in advanced

👉🏽centralize all of your engagement & posting on one dashboard

👉🏽monitor social conversations

👉🏽find conversations via their search and discovery tools

👉🏽use advanced listening tools to gather key marketing insight

👉🏽track analytics and build reports

👉🏽set up and manage a team

👉🏽set tasks for each team member

👉🏽audit each member's performance

👉🏽access the dashboard via mobile




9.    Canva


Canva is another great design tool.


Much like, Buffer's Pablo, it allows you to


👉🏽choose a template

👉🏽choose an image

👉🏽create graphs

👉🏽edit photos

👉🏽add icons, shapes and text to your images

👉🏽view tutorials on design, photography, and business


It's an easier and cheaper alternative to Photoshop!



10.    Twitter Audit


Twitter Audit is one of my favorites.


This tool allows you to type in any Twitter handle and it will tell you how what percent of that account's users are real and what percent are fake.


This allows you to ensure that your profile is attracting the right audience.






You can also search your competitor accounts. If you are looking into influencer marketing this is a good tool to use too.




11. Hashtagify


Hashtagify is simple to use.


It allows you type in a hashtag and immediately receive information regarding:


👉🏽it's popularity

👉🏽other related hashtags

👉🏽top influencers using the hashtag

👉🏽monthly trends for the hashtag

👉🏽weekly trends for the hashtag

👉🏽languages people are tweeting about the hashtag in

👉🏽top countries using the hashtag

👉🏽spelling variations of the hashtag


and more!



12. Brandwatch


Brandwatch is an incredible tool to have.


It allows you delve deep into your brand performance and gather the critical insight you'll need to make more informed business decisions.


This tool works by monitoring conversations across the web (websites, blogs, social platforms, etc.) in order to gage/analyze:


👉🏽brand sentiment



👉🏽location data



and more.


It allows you to:


👉🏽use filters

👉🏽customize your dashboards

👉🏽set up alerts

👉🏽create reports

👉🏽create charts

👉🏽visualize data

👉🏽compare data


and the list goes on.


To be honest, it goes so in-depth that it's hard to even summarize all that it does.Trust me, you'll want to test this one out yourself!



13. Paper.li


Last, but not least there's Paper.Li!


Ever wish you had a steady stream of content curated specifically for you? Well, Paper.Li does just that.


It sifts through millions of posts daily, pulls out those, which they think might relevant to your brand and then delivers them straight to you. This saves you a lot of time and, it's quite beneficial when you're trying to maintain a consistent posting schedule on Twitter.


Paper.li's newspaper feature is fantastic too. It allows you to compile all that relevant information (news, articles) in a newspaper format that can then be easily shared! 




I hope that this post was informative and useful.


Do you have any tools that you love and that I forgot to mention? Leave them below!


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