What Is The Difference Between Branding And Design?



The terms design and branding have been utilized interchangeably for years. Unfortunately, as a result we have failed to recognize and often leverage their individual values.




In this post we will look at the specific role of design within the branding process.


Branding lies at the intersection of business, marketing and design. At its core, branding’s purpose is to communicate value and worth. Design plays a large role in how that’s both expressed and received.




Let's start with brand strategy.


It delves deep into what makes an entity valuable and how that value will be communicated both internally and externally. A large part of that involves the definition of a brand’s identity.


The actual construction process is what brings design from the initial ideation stage, into a more creative, and outwardly visible, role.




Design is tasked with taking brand elements like messaging, values, voice and tone, and packaging them in a way that resonates with audiences.


Essentially, it's what brings a brand to life.




As result of how prominent of a role it plays in this part of the branding process, people often think that branding and design are one and the same. However, design runs far deeper than that, just as branding does too. 

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