50 Ways Brands Can Use IGTV!

Since it debuted in 2010, Instagram has experienced continued success.

The platform, which boasts 1 billion users as of June 2018, dominates the social landscape.


At the time of its conception, Instagram creators Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, recognized the importance of visual communication. While competitors were already offering audiences opportunities to connect, none specialized in photo or video-sharing.

The power of visual content, both cognitively and emotionally, has been well-documented over the years. Studies have shown that information that is delivered visually, is often easier to -- process, understand, explain and retain. Thus, rendering practices like: visual storytelling, marketing, and branding, highly effective.

Instagram has capitalized on this over the years.That is why the platform is a must-have for corporate and personal brands alike.

Furthermore, it’s commitment to R&D results in timely innovation. Innovation, which has allowed Instagram to forecast new markets and technological needs way ahead of time. Thus, granting it plenty of time to update its offerings, helping it remain relevant and valuable.

On June 20th, 2018, the same day that Instagram announced it had reached 1 billion users, the platform launched its latest creation, IGTV. The video feature allows users to create long-form content.

This means audiences are able to create vertical videos, up to an hour in length, via their choice of either a standalone app, or Instagram's main one. The service appears to be a hybrid between YouTube and Snapchat.

So, what does this ultimately mean for brands on the network?

IGTV is an incredible tool for brands. It allows them to showcase their unique selling proposition in a more creative and often, more accessible way. Without time constraints brands are able to better humanize their efforts and their message, which ultimately results in deeper-rooted connections with their target audience.

How can brands use IGTV to increase their visibility, strengthen their brand image, and grow their reach?

Here are some examples:

1. Tell your brand story

2. Introduce your team

3. Introduce yourself

4. Do a Q&A

5. Do a tag

6. Do daily vlogs

7. Do a travel vlog

8. Explain your product

9. Show your product in action

10. Do a DIY

11. Reflect on your industry

12. Offer your opinion on a topic

13. Create a tutorial

14. Interview an expert

15. Share customer testimonials

16. Share UGC (user generated content)

17. Do an unboxing

18. Do a weekly recap

19. Show bloopers

20. Create a contest/giveaway

21. Start a game (ex. scavenger hunt)

22. Share your favorite business tools

23. Share your favorite accounts to follow

24. Comment on industry best practices

25. Create mini case studies

26. Create a book club

27. Host mini-talks

28. Share behind-the-scenes footage

29. Cover an event

30. Do a walk-through of your office

31. Share what’s on your desk

32. Share employee stories

33. Share weekly wins

34. Collaborate on a video with an influencer

35. Give more context to an IG story

36. Give more context to an IG photo

37. Share the results of a study/poll

38. Create a mini-series

39. Create challenge

40. Complete a challenge

41. Share screen-recordings

42. Talk about industry news

43. Inform of product/service updates

44. Share screen-recordings

45. Talk about concerns and ask for advice

46. Reflect on business milestones

47. Summarize a blog post

48. Recap a Twitter chat

49. Discuss insights you’ve gathered from previous videos

50. Discuss business plans for the future

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